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Property Information Search

Record Searches:

It the goal of the Assessor’s office to assist with property searches, and make public information easily accessible. You can now find much of the information you need online at The information on this site is updated Friday evenings, so you may see a slight delay in changes of ownership or other record changes.

How do I find a record?
Only real estate records are searchable. You may know some information about the property already, such as the owners name, address, or parcel number. The Map Image tab will also allow you to search by pointing out the location on a map. To select a parcel you may need to change out of the zoom mode by selecting this icon:

What information can I see?
The Parcel Detail sheet will show you the publicly available information about a property. It will include the Owners Name, Mailing Address, Legal Description, and many other details about the property. You will be able to see the reference for the last deed filing with book and page information to assist you with looking up information with the County Clerk's office.

Where is my property line?
The map available is for assessment purposes only and it is not to be used for making conveyances or for preparing legal descriptions. We do map property lines in accordance with land records filed in the County Clerk's office. You can view our map over Google imagery in the Map Image tab if you also put a check mark in the box at the left labeled " Google Hybred."